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About Us

About Us

Gilan, established in 1957 as Simge stove has been producing woodburning stoves since 2004 and gas stoves with constant improvements and updates according to market requirements in a 3,000 m² closed production line. The company policy is to maintain quality and brand value by keeping pace with the innovations of the natural gas industry. The products that Gilan manufactures are certificated according to European norms and produced in compliance with TSE standards. With the quality of the materials that Gilan uses, Gilan has become known with its service network and after-sales service policy. Gilan sells products to the local market and also to many countries around the World. With young,dynamic and experienced employees, Gilan is determined to do best to see the company as one of the leading companies of the natural gas industrie.

Our Mission:

Gilan's mission is to make the company become the most preferred by the natural gas industry that meets the expectations with high quality products that are sensitive to the environment and people.

Our Vision:

Gilan's vision is to be the first preferred company in the industry with R & D and innovative works.

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